Anonymous asked: When does episode 12 air of season 3

According to IMdb, there is no episode 12 (how weird!). There will be an episode 13, called “And the French Kiss” that airs December 16, 2013. Hope that helps :)

Anonymous asked: I'm pretty sure the season is two I can google the episode and be right back sorry I didn't just do that in the first place but yeah thank you for all the work you do on this blog (:

I’m so sorry! I lost your request somewhere.. Too many messages! Can you send it to me again, with the episode+season, please. Thank you!

Anonymous asked: Can you please make a gif set when Max reference about Bruno Mars, thanks

From which episode & season? 

Anonymous asked: Which program do you use to make a gif?

I make screencaps using kmplayer, then I load it into photoshop. 

So I basically use kmplayer and portable photoshop cs5 extended to make my gifs! Hope that helps :) 

Caroline: How dare you doubt my sincerity, I personally shooed a homeless man from peeing on that shrine. 

pdah83 asked: Hi~ I don't remember which episode but I there is scene when Max shyly want to hug Caroline. Can you make that gifs?

Okay, I’ll try to find that episode.. & gif it :) Thanks for your request! 

I’ll probably post it on the weekend :) 

Anonymous asked: Do you have the gif of max saying something about day drinking? She says "I think you're talking about day drinking and I like it."

what season and episode is this? I’ll make a gif set of it.